Literature Review

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In chapter five of the textbook, pages 142 to 158 list focusing events that occurred from 1979 to 2001.


Choose a focusing event during this historical timeframe. Conduct a literature review on the focusing event. Write a two


page essay and discuss the following:



ï‚· type of focusing event and date that it occurred;


ï‚· president and FEMA Director;


ï‚· type of Presidential Disaster Declaration (such as flooding or hurricane);


ï‚· identify the deficiency that initiated a new policy, law, or program;


ï‚· describe the new policy and identify who benefited from it; and


ï‚· from your perspective, was the new policy a success?




Paper format: title page, body (two pages), and reference page. Format the paper and references in APA style (6th ed.).


Research articles from the CSU Online Library.



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