Cultural leadership training

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Develop a cultural leadership training program for a fictional company.

• identify the training topic, and explain why the employees would be required to participate in this training. Explain how the training will meet the strategic needs of CapraTek.

• Identify the specific objectives for this training program. What will the trainees need to know or be able to do?

• Select an appropriate training needs analysis method for the scenario. Apply the selected method to identify the following:

o What the trainees should know pre-training. (Provide your source for this.)

o What the trainees already know and how you will uncover this (test, interview, questionnaire, et cetera). Share a sample of the questions you would use.

• Recommend a design for your training program, including the following:

o Resourcing for the instructor: Internal or external, and why?

o Location of program: What type of setting—off site or on site? Why?

o The timing of the program: How long will it be? Will it be completed all in one session or over time in partial sessions?

o Instructional strategies for presenting the content of the training.

o Strategies for encouraging active participation and practice for the trainees.

o Methods for providing feedback on trainee’s practice.

• Create an evaluation plan for determining the effectiveness of the program.


• Written communication: Communicate your thoughts in a manner that conveys the overall goals of the assignment and is consistent with current APA standards for style and professionalism.

• 10–15 typed, double-spaced pages.

• References: The paper must include a reference list. Include at least 3–5 references from current peer-reviewed journals.

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