cultural encounter paper religion 2 250 words

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This paper is 5 pages (approximately 2250 words).

For this project I want you to visit one place of worship associated with traditions we will be talking about in the course. I would also like you to interview someone associated with that location to find out more about the practices associated with the tradition. The assignment is a research project with a fieldwork component.

Specifically, I want you to look at, and tell me, what places of worship in the area are doing regarding issues related to the environment OR social justice questions (issues of race, class, gender or sexuality)

The first thing you need to do is select a religious tradition you are interested in learning more about. Select something outside your tradition/background and preferably a little outside of your comfort zone. I would suggest taking a look at the list and pick up a little knowledge about each before you make your choice. Use the materials in the class to get a little sense of each tradition. You might also take a quick peek at (Links to an external site.) for some quick information.

The traditions from which to choose:






Required Process: After you’ve chosen your subject…

The Prep Work

  1. Identify a place to visit. Get the address and contact information.
  2. Call or e-mail that place to try to arrange an opportunity to speak with the person you might interview.
  3. Do some research. (Think about these things –What’s your chosen tradition about? What do they do in worship services? Where do they worship?) You must find five resources beyond the materials available to you in the class. These should be credible sources such as the website associated with the location you choose and sources you find through the HCC library.
  4. Once you’ve done some research and have some familiarity with the subject area you have chosen I want you to think about what you expect to see and hear from your visit. Write up, before you go, some expectations. These can be one sentence expectations.
  5. Once you’ve done some research and have some familiarity with the subject area you have chosen I want you to think about what you might ask on your visit. Write up, before you go, five questions you’d like to ask of one of the leader.
  6. The Visit
  7. Visit a place of worship. I would like you to go to a service. Don’t just go on a random Tuesday or Wednesday afternoon when the place is open. Sit in on the tradition (as appropriate) ask questions, learn what you can about the tradition and its practice in that particular location. Take notes, ask if you can take photos ( be respectful, do not take photos during the service). Ask speciffically about programs and activities related to sustainability (environment or social justice). How do those activities relate to over all ideas within the broader tradition?
  8. Write the Paper.
  9. Your project must include a bibliography. Use the formatting style for your Bibliography that is appropriate for your degree program (MLA, APA, or Chicago).

You will be graded on the completeness of the assignment: the correct formatting; grammar, spelling, punctuation, syntax; the informativeness of the project; clarity of thought; and the quality of the resources chosen.

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