can some one with a health background answer these question

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I need someone to answer these questions comprehensively and completely. Please pay attention to how many words are needed next to every question. Of course, you can write more than the amount given if you want to. Here are the questions:

– How would YOU define public health for someone knowing what you now know about public health? Eg, while you are home on break, a friend or relative is curious about what you are studying in school and wants to know what public health is. You may use narrative/outline imagining the questions that would be asked and your responses. For example: What is it? Who does it? What do public health people do? What is the public health infrastructure – where is it done? Why is public health important? “For this part, please provide 60 words answering the question”

* Question #4 – Local public health departments and emergency preparation: 30 points.

– What are the essential functions of a local public health department? How might these functions differ in different settings; eg, urban vs. rural? “provide 100 words in this part”

– What was the effect of 911 on public health? What is the role of the local public health department in emergency preparedness, including pandemics and natural and man-made disasters? Why does the local public health department play such a critical role? “provide 100 words in this part”

– As an example, in 2017 severe hurricanes caused extensive flooding and wind damage in several states and in Puerto Rico. What is the role of public health when disasters occur? “provide 60 words in this part”

* Question #5 – Vaccines: 15 points

-You are a public health official and you are invited to speak to a group of parents in the community. Defend the use of vaccines for prevention. Anticipate the questions asked. Your response should be evidence-based. “Provide 100 words or more in this part”

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