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Watch the following clip (Contains offensive language):

After reading the case (Don Imus and the Rutgers Women’s Basketball Team), and watching the above-linked video, think about the following issues:

  1. Consider the circumstances surrounding these events: an inspirational story of academic and athletic achievements brought to the spotlight by the ugly comments of Don Imus, who was one of many representatives of the shock-jock genre.
  2. What was the impact on the women’s basketball program at Rutger’s University? In which way did they use the media?
  3. One of the most peculiar issues to come out of this scandal was that the media and its actors played a much larger role in the debate that ensued. In fact, at times the athletes affected seemed to be entirely excluded from the discussions. Taking this into consideration, from a media relations perspective, what went well and what did not during this scandal?

For your assignment, write a brief evaluation (NOT a summary) of how the Basketball Team, Don Imus, and CBS radio & MSNBC-TV handled the media. As a media relations student, offer all of them advice on how to handle the media. Submit this evaluation (and not answers to the above questions) as your assignment.

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