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Answer these questions about the book Chants Democratic: New York City & the Rise of the American Working Class, 1788-1850 by Sean Wilentz in a 5 page paper.

1.What is the author’s purpose and viewpoint?

2.Who is the author?

3.What are his/her background and qualifications for writing this book?

4.What else has the author written and what have reviews said about the author’s other works?

5.What is the author’s evidence?

6.Where did he get his information (personal experience, interviews, careful research through manuscripts and documents, secondary sources)?

7.Is the book documented (endnotes, footnotes, bibliography, or in the text)?

8.Does the author ignore significant evidence or logic that would refute the main thesis of the book?

9.Do you accept the author’s conclusion?

10.Cite specific examples of bias or impartiality and explain the basis of any criticism or praise you have.

11.Is the material presented well?

12.Is the book readable and well organized?

13.Who is the author’s intended audience, the expert or the interested layman, or both?

14.Does the book evoke the vitality of the original events or is the writing lifeless?

15.What, if anything, did the book contribute to your knowledge and understanding of the subject matter?

16.Is there anything ironic about when the book was written? 

17.Most importantly, I want to see your thought in the review.

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