comparing baroque to rococo

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Compare and contrast the Baroque style found in the Netherlands with the Rococo style that was found at the court of Louis XIV. Then, consider what features make Versailles  (Jan Vermeer,  Lady at the Virginal with a Gentleman (The Music Lesson).  ca. 1662–64., AndréLeNôtre,North flowerbed, formal French gardens, Versailles. 1669–85, Hyacinthe Rigaud,  Louis XIV, King of France  . 1701. JulesHardouin-Mansart and Charles LeBrun, Galerie des Glaces (Hall of Mirrors), Palace of Versailles. Begun 1678.) the embodiment of Louis XIV’s absolutism.  Notice specific details, both interior and exterior, in the architecture.

THEN, Answer the following questions for discussion question #2: 

  • Using examples, how did the styles change from Baroque to Rococo? Be sure to cite information found in the captions of the images you are describing.
  • Who developed and what were the ideas of the Philosophes? Were they generally realized in Rococo culture? Explain.

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