briefly explain why you agree or disagree with their views

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I really enjoyed viewing the cognitive therapy session, I enjoyed the structure. I also loved that the client was very involved and there was a goal set and the counselor and Helen knew they were to work together. That began the recognition of socialization in the session. Throughout the duration of the counseling session, Helen and her counselor delved into a structured session which involved them going through Helen’s “Beck Depression Inventory” as well as a session building worksheet that helps them connect the sessions and allows Helen to process. In my opinion I think that this technique was quite effective. It was becoming clear that Helen was developing rapport with her counselor and having them work together helped that come to pass.

One of the ideas that the counselor shared were automatic thoughts. She gave a situation and the told Helen that there will be a thought after different situations and the emotional response that then ensues from the situation and lastly the behavior that comes from the situation. The goal is to target thoughts and see if the thoughts are accurate. The counselor wants Helen to experience functional thoughts that allow Helen to feel better. If a problem arises as they are going through Helen’s thoughts they will then need to work together to problem solve. This was another example of the counselor implementing socializing the client to the therapy. Helen and her counselor went through dysfunctional thought record together which helped Helen realize what automatic thoughts were and practice with her counselor. Helen was then given homework to go through one thought a day using the thought record as an example.

I read about cognitive therapy and really enjoyed the explanation that came from the PsychCentral website. The article About Cognitive Psychotherapy, explains that cognitive therapy deals with our thoughts with that come from how we feel (Herkov, 2006). In the session I believe t.he counselor did a great job at working with Helen to view her thoughts and feelings and begin to help Helen look into the source of the thoughts. I could not think of much I would have done differently besides lighten Helen’s homework load. Since she was asked to face one of her dysfunctional thoughts by talking to her husband about watching the kids on the weekend I would have asked her to try to work through three automatic thoughts before the next visit.


Herkov, M. (2006). About Cognitive Psychotherapy. Psych Central.

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