University of the Cumberlands Kali Linux Discussion & Replies

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Setup a Virtual Machine (VM) using Oracle VirtualBox and use Kali Linux as the Operating System (OS). See  Once you have Kali up and running running spend approximately two hours exploring this environment. Once complete post two paragraphs about your experience.

Need original post and responses for two other students post 

Post 1 BhargavMy first step is installing virtual box from Oracle official website and download VM image for virtual box I have installed Kali Linux Vbox 64 ova from torrent which is about 3 GB. After virtual image of Kali Linux and Virtual box I have imported Virtual image for Kali Linux with a help of Import button on virtual box I have imported the image and file name should end with .ova extension. During the installation of amd64 and i386 images, it will prompt me for a standard user account to be created default operating system credentials used during Live Boot, or pre-created VMware and ARM images. After experiencing Kali Linux I feel like it is same as any other Linux flavors and comes with an package of pre- installed software. There are 139 inbuilt hacking tools in Kali Linux some of them are 1. Phishing2. Website Hacking3. Stealing date from Phone or any other PC4. Cracking passwords and we can do many more.Using Kali Linux, you can become a hacker to penetrate your network for defense it. You can hack to secure your network and IT resources.Kali linux is a perfect Cyber Security system that ensures much added security to your resources.I have added my own banner for Terminal using following leafpad .bashrc command with ascii conversion of my text and saved the leadpad. I felt very exited learn more things on Kali Linux and kept on exploring.

Post 2 RamKali is a Linux based Operating System specially created for penetration testers. Penetration testing is a branch of hacking, albeit ethical, that involves creating a safe and simulated environment to perform attack scenarios (Goel & Mehtre, 2015). Ethical hacking is the best way for an organization or a team of experts to hunt for vulnerabilities in a system.Kali Linux comes bundled with penetration testing tools (Denis, Zena, & Hayajneh, 2016), making it easy for anyone who is either learning or not familiar with all tools to navigate. Further, the OS makes an effort to categorize these tools into different sections. I found these categories intuitive and helping in my situation since I can understand what they do. Another advantage of Kali Linux for penetration testing is the help sections of each tool. Given that most are command-line software, the infusion with the Linux Manual Page system is excellent. Understanding the technical usage of each tool is, therefore, simplified.The user support of the Operating system is excellent, making it easy to learn how to use some tools without effort. Although Offensive Security, the company making the OS provide a paid course to learning ethical hacking, one can gain enough knowledge by looking for tutorials and demonstration online, since Kali is one of the most used OS in ethical hacking. Installing new packages is simple, although it requires a bit of comfort in using the command line.One can also quickly understand that the Operating System is meant for simulated and virtual environments since it installs with the highest privileges account, called root. This and other vulnerable default settings make it easy for experts to place tests and practices securing a system.

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