University of the Cumberlands Computer Science Paper

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Research paper on Identifying & Addressing the Security issues in Blockchain technology using quantitative methodology. 

Please use APA formatting and include the following information:


Topic, problem, the purpose of the dissertation, and how Chapter 2 will be structured.


First and second paragraphs

Search Strategy

Explain research process used – search results for keywords and journal articles (filters used, publication dates, databases searched).


1 to 2 paragraphs


Overview of theory/model being using and how it evolved.

Theories build on one another/evolve and so do models, this is looking at the evolution of them.

15 pages

Lit Review

Theory/model/Variables “In Action”. All the literature on the how’s, when’s, and results of this theory/model. This is the foundation to use that model.

This is those theories/models in action – where/when/how where they tested (concentrating on your theory/model of choice), how did earlier models evolve into later models, e.g., TAM into TAM2 into UTAUT.

40 pages


Where is this being tested – Cybersecurity, Blockchain, Forensics, IT, the population, scholarly literature in this field.

Where is this being tested, healthcare, travel, Fortune 500 manufacturing – what population – previous research in this area and populations, and your pop of choice. You are not looking for an exact match to your research (otherwise your research would not be new), but you want to know if the areas and population are generally accessible and determine if research be done in these areas that are similar to yours.

10 pages

Student’s Contribution

Tying Theory/Model/Variables, Lit Review, and Testing together. What the student is contributing to the body of knowledge.

You contribution – what models/theories and population are you examining – this is the unique combination. This is why you should not find an exact duplicate match under “Testing” – this is your new research, your contribution.

5 pages


Clear, concise summary of Chapter 2.


1 to 2 pages

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