University of Phoenix Technology & Workplace Discussion

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Assignment Instructions and Requirements

First, download the required template for this assignment: Email Template”>Email Template

Use of this template is required. Do not alter the formatting; simply fill in the content as explained below. Failure to submit the assignment using this template will result in zero points.


You are IT manager for 504 Technologies and have discovered a data breach. You have taken the responsibility to contact customers to explain the situation. You realize you must explain the attack in terms the average customer will understand, and need to assuage their fears. Make sure you use professional wording and avoid emotional content.


Check the list of potential attacks in the Unit Reading PDF. Choose only one kind of attack (for example, just a virus, not also a worm and Trojan). Then find a suitable source online that explains what happens in this kind of attack.

Write in the template:

  • The “to” field has been filled in.
  • CC yourself using your PG student email address.
  • Write a suitable subject line that alerts the recipients to the importance of your email. Do not use all-caps or characters: use meaningful wording.
  • Start the email with a suitable salutation.
  • In the body of the email, include the following, in order. Each item listed below should be placed in a separate paragraph (single spaced with a blank line between each paragraph).
    • What happened – explain the attack in your own words.
    • How this affects the email recipients (customers).
    • What your company is doing to correct the issue and protect the customer from future breaches.
    • Provide one communication venue for questions: direct them to the company website (, indicate there is a FAQ sheet attached to the email, or provide a toll-free (made-up) phone number for their questions. Do not actually create a website or FAQ sheet; simply direct them to it.
  • End the email with four short lines: your first and last name, a suitable job title, and the company name, followed by the URL to the source you used to learn about this kind of attack. 

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