Unit III Scholarly Activity

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Phase II: Project Scope Document

Refer back to the Project Proposal you created for the Unit II Assignment. For this assignment, you will be expanding upon that project to include a Project Scope Document—that is, the definition of what needs to be done to produce the project deliverables and to satisfy the customer. The project scope document should satisfy the following components:

1. Customer Requirements

a. Defines the functional or performance specifications of the project’s end product

2. Statement of Work (SOW)

a. Defines the major tasks or work elements to be performed to accomplish and produce all projects


3. Deliverables

a. Products to be accomplished for duration of and conclusion of the project

4. Acceptance Criteria

a. Must be described in greater detail than what is stated in the project proposal

5. Work Breakdown Structure

a. A hierarchical breakdown of the scope into smaller work packages that produce the deliverables

The above components are only brief descriptions. You should consult your textbook for further details.

While project scope documents may vary from project to project, your document should contain a thorough description of each section. If your project varies in such a way that a thorough description is not possible, you will then include elements of the section in question to at least provide an outline of what is provided.

Your project scope document should be a minimum of three pages in length, with each section properly delineated. If another person were to pick up your document, he or she should know exactly what is expected and what direction the project will take.

Make sure you use appropriate APA style writing and citations when you craft your proposal. Also, make sure you use Times New Roman, 12 point font, with all lines double spaced.

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