Unethical issues about Madoff”s case

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1)  Identify what ethical issues and questions are involved in the Madoff case.

2) Identify all the people you think may have been harmed, and how they were harmed, by the Madoff fraud.

3) Do you think a scandal such as this is the result mostly of unethical individuals, or are there organizational issues that allowed, encouraged, or were responsible for the harms? To what degree was this case mostly a failure of individuals, or organizational structure, or of government?

4) Can you imagine anything that would have prevented the Madoff fraud?

5) Describe several reasons why ethics is relevant to business? Can a “good business” be an unethical business?

6) How would you describe distinction between morality, virtues, and social ethics?

Note: Please you must cite your sources APA style. Thanks!

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