UMDC Data Models Discussion

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Question 1

You have been hired as a consultant by UMGC to help with their student information system. I would like you to login to and choose one of the functionalities (enrollment/registration, payment, etc) of your choice, then write a simple business document not exceeding ONE page. This document is called the functional requirements or business requirements which will be given to the technical staff/consultants who will translate the requirements into data model and create tables in the database using SQL. Please try to make it simple and just cover essential features.

Question 2

Based upon the functional document created in #1, describe the importance of relational data model or entity relationship model.

Question 3

Create an ERD using ER Assistant or Oracle Data Modeler for the chosen functionality in #1. This is just a beginning session and we will cover more database design and ERD in later sessions, so just try and don’t be afraid if the diagram is not perfect.

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