UC Concept of Social Simulation Discussion Replies

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Please read below student posts and reply accordingly each in 150 words.

Naresh – The Quality of Social Simulation: An Example from Research Policy Modelling

Evaluation of quality simulation, It’s basically guided by anticipations, user experience and to test policy modeling thoughts. Users has to understand the process of the mental model and has to validate results. In the Simulation section it explains about whole interaction between the stakeholders and study team and the simulation assessment is done by the Experience.

Every model has it’s own structure and along with progression of time structure will change. The change is called as behavior. With the progression of time the structure changes and that is conduct. That refers ‘simulation of target'(quoted with slight modifications from Doran and Gilbert 1994).

We have five major reasons to publish simulation studies and reseraches. Here are those reasons
The advantages of simulation operations and knowledge used for simulation.
We mainly use simulation studies to use them whenever we needed.
By using simulation concepts we can investigate for further modelling.
We can re-establish and reuse certain amount of data where it can fit and to apply for few problems occured, certainly these simulations includes with full details of the data.
Moreover by using these simulation case studies analysing the output would be easier.

There are different methods in simulation:

Standard view: It is common method assessing simulations. It talks about validations and the process working as expected or not. It talks about defects in the process and it checks about quality of results. It compares with simulation temporary data with real data. Author explains about social simulations using Caffe Nero as an instance. under-determination problem may occur, it’s not about data quantity which is missing but mostly the relation of theory and data. Observations are to validate different theories.

Constructive view: It is comparing between real data with output. There is no other way to differentiate various simulation of validity and truth.

User Community View: Different perspectives need to be satisfied with simulation results. Interaction between different communities may affect output and every day interaction can create expectations.

Quality assessment example talks about mechanism of SKIN. SKIN is an agent-based model where specialists are knowledge-intensive associations, which attempt to generate new knowledge by research or creating new products and procedures by innovative processes. Identifying user questions and clear them on demand. Quality of simulation is about trusting end results with interaction of multiple people and organizations.

muneshawar – This chapter discusses about the different simulation views to assess the quality of the policy. Simulation is the process of validating if the policy is giving intended results that we originally liked to get. The design and construction of the simulation model decides the quality of simulation. There are different policy simulation views such as standard view, constructionist view and user community view (Ahrweiler & Gilbert, 2015). Each of these approaches are different and the quality of the simulation depends on the process being followed.

Standard view verifies if the implemented code matches the expected functionality and also checks if it has any defects. This approach also validates whether the outputs meet the target. It relies on the observability of the reality and checks if the results of the simulation are comparable to the real output data. Through constructionist view, the observations are as constructions and it does not have ability to validate and evaluate the policy as there is no comparison to reality.

User community view is most work-intensive and promising process, It considers the observations of the actual users of the policy. This approach focuses on the real time usage and considers various factors such as evaluations, expectations and experience of the users of the policy (Ahrweiler & Gilbert, 2015). The results of this approach are almost same as the real time.

The ICT research in areas such as Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning can be employed to simulate various social situations. Simulating knowledge dynamics in innovation networks (SKIN) is a knowledge-intensive agents based model through which new information, processes and products are developed (Ahrweiler & Gilbert, 2015). Social simulations are being utilized by various businesses to understand various social aspects (Squazzoni, Jager & Edmonds, 2014). Based on the simulation results, the businesses can make changes to the products if needed so that users can have better feel and the business owner can earn the profit.

bhanu – Telecommuting and mobile work is a flexible working model for the people living in the urban environment. Telecommuting is developed in perspective of traffic reduction and organization benefits. As the population and urban infrastructure increasing widely, to protect environment organizations are introduced different ways of work culture like telecommuting, mobile work, work from home, co-working spaces, office clubs, and digital working hubs etc. which resulting significant impact in economy and environment (Yu, Burke, & Raad, 2019).

Organizations also resulted effective work when employee physically isolated from the employer by utilizing Information technology for communication and operations purpose (de Vries, Tummers, & Bekkers, 2019). Employees work from different locations, remotely located from their head offices or other production units without personal contact but connected through information and communication technologies referred as tele working also known as telecommuting and remote working (Yu, 2019).

Many companies are permitting employees to mobile working however neglecting to address the difficulties and suggestions natural to this kind of intercession. Public organizations have regularly executed teleworking activities without setting aside the effort to assess their projects (de Vries, 2019). Large organizations like Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Oracle, etc are implementing these telecommuting and mobile work to decrease the employees at offices. In the next coming years with the advancements in the information technology like virtual technology, cloud computing, 5G network services the organizations mostly prefer the telecommuting and mobile work to decrease the investment on employee and recruitment, office infrastructures. These flexible work option helps to increase the productivity, effective work, save time and helps to increase the clients.

vijay – It is worth appreciating that the advent of information technology has completely transformed the way people connect and how employees work,most prefer working remotely telecommuting. The growth of telecommuting and other mobile arrangements is to affect the way physical offices operate both now and in the future. More companies are adopting telecommuting, and the benefits are becoming apparent (Loubier, 2017). As more employees choose to work remotely, companies realize several benefits that include reduced cost of renting physical offices.

Most companies have begun altering their previous opinion on telecommuting or remote working, and this means that shortly, the arrangement of physical offices is likely to change to reflect technological advancement. This is because work is increasingly becoming knowledge-based, and employees who equip with the right information technology skills can distribute knowledge effectively from their homes just as they could from offices (Spreitzer, Cameron & Garrett, 2017). This renders renting office space needless because of more activities to minimize. The fact that knowledge-based work eliminates the requirement for work to be performed in a specific place implies that more companies will lean towards telecommuting to reduce the cost of renting physical offices.

Conversely, it must be appreciated that, however, employees prefer working remotely by leveraging telecommuting and other mobile work arrangements,Having a physical office cannot be entirely replaced. This is because physical offices are used by employers to hold their employees accountable (Spreitzer et al., 2017). It is easier to assume that employees are working remotely when, in the real sense are not. This raises productivity issues that must account. Elsewhere, companies will still need physical offices to facilitate professional development and exposure to diversity.

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