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Document should be complete in APA 6th Addition

After reading chapters 1-2, prepare a written response to three of the following questions. Then reflect upon all the reading during this unit and share something new you learned from your reading. Your two-page response needs to demonstrate your understanding of the chapter concepts. As you construct your answer, consider the area of specialization of General Core Grades 4-6.

  • Sometimes we know learning has occurred because the learner engages in a new behavior—one that he or she has never before exhibited. But other kinds of behavior changes may also indicate that learning has taken place. Describe three additional ways in which behavior might change as a result of learning. Give a concrete example to illustrate each one.
  • The textbook describes five general research methods that scientists use to determine how the brain functions. In three short paragraphs, describe three of them and describe which ones are the most ethical and relevant methods. Does having a Christian worldview make a difference?
  • Several teachers tell you that they are “teaching to students’ right brains” by spending a lot of time on painting, map interpretation, geometry, and other highly visual and/or spatial activities. Critique their claim using what you have learned about how the human brain functions.
  • Someone tries to convince you that parents should put their children in enriching preschool environments by their second birthday at the latest. How would you respond to this individual? Do you agree or disagree with this person? Given the recent findings about brain development, defend your position.

Text book: Ormrod, J. E. (2016). Human learning. (7th ed.). Boston: Pearson Publishing ISBN: 978-0-13-357928-4 .

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