Topic 2 DQ3- Paragraph 7

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Please write a paragraph responding to the discussion bellow. Add citations and references in alphabetical order.

The topic I have chosen is Limited bed capacity. Limited bed capacity is a major problem plaguing the healthcare industry. Some other challenges faced by the healthcare industry includes communication breakdown, increased medical errors resulting in a reduction in the quality of care provided to patients, discharge delays, and the variation of care provided to patients (Mardis & Brownson, 2003). These challenges often increase the cost incurred by both families, patients, and the hospital.

The management of bed capacity is an issue that is critical for hospitals because discharge delays affects the flow of patients, increases healthcare costs, and slows care. Discharge delays in various hospitals are caused by system inefficiencies resulting in delayed transfers and admissions. Delayed discharge is an issue of concern among frontline staff. This is attributable to the fact that increased length of hospital stays results in reduced motivation, low mood, and increased risks of being infected. All these issues affect the health of the patients and increase their chances of being readmitted. There are also financial consequences associated with discharge delays (Lees, 2011). For instance, the hospital has to take care of the needs of the patient who no longer need care. As such, they cost the health facility the space that could be utilized by other patients and consumes staff time that could be channeled towards improving the health of those in need. Likewise, discharge delays increase the patients’ and families healthcare costs and exert pressure on the hospital strained budget (Glasby, 2003). Discharge delays are also associated with indirect impacts such as the decline in the flow of patients and the supply of hospital beds.


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