To analyze a literary component present in two poems by Emily Dickinson.

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“Because I could not stop for Death” and “I heard a Fly buzz-when I died” by Emily Dickinson.

Write a paper in which you identify the poetic element(s) or aspect(s) you’ve chosen to examine in detail. The discussion should be somewhat focused on this single point. You should be analyzing the concept deeply as it appears in the two poems, drawing conclusions on the basis of evidence you find. Cite examples and draw conclusions from the two poems.

Assume the reader has read the poems and understands them to keep from summarizing the poem’s content. You want to present your own ideas, using citations from the two poems to support them.

Must use at least one secondary source from the College database which I can help find.

Must be in MLA 8th edition. 4 pages minimum – 6 pages max.

I was going to write from a biographical perspective of Emily Dickinson if that helps, although you can choose whichever literary element is best for you to write about.

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