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This is the direction that needs to be followed!!!

Paper Outline

After you’ve
done a lot of reading and determined what you would like to say, you will
develop an outline consisting of an introduction with a thesis statement, a
body, and a conclusion.

Think about how you would want to have this issue
explained to you. That should determine the outline of your paper.

introduction should introduce the topic, ending with a thesis statement. This
statement tells your reader what you are trying to prove through your work.
Examples: “Monet’s style is quintessentially impressionistic.” “Kandinsky’s
early works are apt illustrations of Tolstoy’s theory of art.” “Beethoven’s 9th
Symphony was not as revolutionary as most people think.”) After your thesis
statement, you may tell how you will prove your point. For instance, if you
were to argue the second sentence, “Kandinsky’s early works are apt
illustrations of Tolstoy’s theory of art,” you may go on to say, “I will
argue this point by examining each of Tolstoy’s criteria, clarity, sincerity,
and individuality as they compare to Kandinsky’s own writing and three works
that are contemporary with this writing.”

Your outline
might look like this:


A.  Thesis
statement:  Kandinsky’s early works are
apt illustrations of Tolstoy’s theory of art.


A.  Tolstoy’s
writing on Individuality

B.  Kandinsky’s
writing on Individuality

C.  Kandinsky’s
piece X.


A.  Tolstoy’s
writing on Sincerity

B.  Kandinsky’s
writing on Sincerity

C.  Kandinsky’s
piece Y


A.  Tolstoy’s
writing on Clarity

B.  Kandinsky’s
writing on clarity

C.  Kandinsky’s
piece Z


can please just make it BASIC VOCABULARY NOT HIGH LEVEL PAPER, and make sure you follow what in the sources that attached .

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