theory in practice

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Jean Watson and Florence Nightingale each had significant impact on nursing practice. Each nurse theorist has a perspective through which they view nursing care and practice. This activity will help frame the guiding principles of University of Phoenix curriculum through the application of theory-based thinking.

Collaborate with your Learning Team to determine how Watson and Nightingale view nursing knowledge.

Explain how each theorist views the five patterns of knowledge:

  • Empirical knowledge (the science)
  • Emancipatory knowing (sociopolitical considerations)

Select a metaparadigm.

Explain how Watson and Nightingale each view the selected metaparadigm.

Analyze how practice differs based on the selected metaparadigm.

Collaborate with your Learning Team to synthesize how the theorists view the five patterns of knowledge and the selected metaparadigm. Format your assignment as one of the following:

  • 430-word paper

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