the role of frontex in the eu s policy of extraterritorial border control research paper

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I would like to ask you to write me the research paper about the topic “The role of Frontex in the EU’s Policy of Extraterritorial Border Control”.
My teacher has already checked the previous outline and made some important remarks .
The research question is “What is the impact of Frontex activities on Human rights? ”
2. As he said, it is important to add the theoretical framework based on Sandra Lavenex paper “Shifting up and out: The foreign policy of European immigration control”( it could explain the extraterritorial operations) , please include the operation Sophia , as a case in a case.
3. The teacher also highly recommended to integrate this Frontex operations into the boarder debates and how this extraterritorial boarder operations have changed after 2012 . So , it is also important to write about pre-Hirsi (2005-2012) and post-Hirsi (2012-now).And , after it is possible to mention everything we have already mentioned so far in outline. And , it is also important to not use the securitisation theory/strategy. Or use it as less as it possible.


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