the purpose of this paper is to engage the student s understanding of both human sexuality and the effects of the primary agents of socialization in particular media

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Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to engage the student’s understanding of both human sexuality, and the effects of the primary agents of socialization: in particular Media. In no less than five pages (APA Format), students are expected to explain the connection between human sexuality and the effects of media. Students can either take the point of view that media shapes our sexuality in Western Society, or that our sexuality dictates and influences media references and images (choose one of these two sides to thoroughly explain your argument. Sources: Students are to use a total of 5 sources. In executing the source requirements for this paper, students are to use at least 3 scholastic (peer reviewed) sources and 2 other additional sources (media, social media, news/ blog articles, websites, etc.). Please be sure to site your information using the in text citations format outlined by APA standards. More information regarding APA formatting can be found at… via the Los Angeles Valley College Library. 10 pts Introduction: Students are expected to operationalize bot media and human sexuality. Additionally, students are to explain the importance of both. Why do we as sociologists study both of these social facts? How does studying these social facts benefit society? What possibly happens if we do not study or ignore the consequences of these social facts? 20 pts Historical Analysis: In this section, students are to pick an aspect of media (example: movies), and a specific historical period (example: the 1940’s), and explain the representations of sexuality in the said aspect of media and decade of choice. Again, students should take special care to cite information used in this historical analysis in order to achieve maximum possible points for this section. Explain how this particular period in time reflects or influences social behavior in everyday life during the decade of choice in your analysis (from your own perspective). 20 pts Current Analysis of Sexual-Social Behavior: In this section students are to analyze the same aspect of media in the context of current social behavior. Students are also expected to detail how aspects of sexuality and the depiction thereof have changed in current times. Also, explain why you believe this aspect has changed. What are some of the causes of this change (or lack thereof)? Be a precise as possible. 20 pts Conclusion: Explain how this social change or lack thereof impacts society. Where are we headed as far as sexuality is concerned. Is this trajectory a positive or negative thing from your outlook. Since this section is so heavily weighted based on your own perspective or opinion, no citation is necessary for this section. 20 ptsReference Page: to be written in APA format. 10 pts

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