The Nubians, history homework help

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The Nubians

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The Nubians

Nubia: Black Pharaohs of Africa

Historian David Adams journeys to Nubia in search of the black pharaohs of Africa. (A small section of this is missing at the end of the third and final segment.)

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Part 2/3 (10:04): (Links to an external site.)undefined

Part 3/3 (10:05): (Links to an external site.)undefined(Links to an external site.)

Using the documentary and information from the Von Sivers text, discuss the ancient Nubian people. What are some of the features of Nubian life and culture? What was its relationship with Egyptian? What is the significance of the Nubian people to world history? What did you find most fascinating about the Nubian people and why?

The initial response should be at least 250 words in length, and contain references to the film and von Sivers text. Respond to at least two peers (100 words in length for each response) by September 30th

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