The NAACP organization formed in 1909, History Assignment Homework Help

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1.The NAACP organization formed in 1909.  Discuss its organization and how it benefited the black community.

2.The Harlem Renaissance which exploded onto the scene in the 1920s was a great expression of African American freedom.  How did this rich voice come together?  Discuss the successes of the Harlem Renaissance: personalities, venues, artistry, etc.

3.Distinguish between the two (2) terms of personal property and real property, and give one (1) example of each. Next, discuss the main differences of the role that a paralegal would play in transactions involving commercial property versus the acquisition of a painting.

4.From the Virtual Law Office video, imagine that you work as a paralegal for a mid-sized law office. Your clients are buying a new home. They live together, but have not decided to marry in the foreseeable future. Explain to them the main different forms of property ownership for real estate. Next, discuss the fundamental advantages and disadvantages of each form of property ownership in order for them to make a decision concerning the right form of property to buy for their unique situation.

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