The logical relation between the premises and the conclusion, philosophy homework help

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1. write a 100 words for this discussion.

Argument (1): A valid but not sound argument

(Premise) 1: I scream every time I see a spider

(Premise) 2: I am a woman

(Conclusion): Therefore all women scream when they see spiders

All of the premises are not in fact true and the conclusion does not necessarily follow the premise

Argument (2): A valid and sound argument

(Premise) 1: someday I’ll die

(Premise) 2: I am a human

(Conclusion): therefore all humans die

All of the premises are true based on fact and experience and the conclusion is supported by the facts of the premise’s making the conclusion true.

2. write a 100 words reply.

1.) All soccer balls are round. The sun is round. Therefore, the sun is a soccer ball.

This argument is sound but invalid. The first two points are true but the conclusion is incorrect.

2.) Lizards are reptiles. Reptiles do not have fur. Therefore, lizards do not have fur.

This argument is sound and valid because all three points are true. The two premises are valid and the conclusion is valid as well.

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