The Historical Foundations of Management & The Contemporary Workplace, assignment help

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Week 2: The Historical Foundations of Management & The Contemporary Workplace

  1. What is an ‘organisation’ and why are managers important to an organisation’s success?

  2. Define the terms ‘Quality and performance excellence’, ‘Global awareness’, and ‘Learning


  3. What is the benefit of seeing an organisation as a ‘system’? What difference would this

    view make to you as a manager?

  4. What are some of the opportunities an increasingly diverse and multicultural workforce

    offers with respect to potential performance gains in organisations? 

Week 4: Information and Decision-Making

  1. What is the difference between an ‘optimising decision’ and a ‘satisficing decision’?

  2. Using examples, explain how ‘risk’, ‘certainty’ and ‘uncertainty’ influence the decisions that

    managers make.

  3. Identify the steps in the decision-making process. Use examples to illustrate your answer.

  4. Do an on-line search for the phrase ‘worst business decisions’. Choose TWO (2) examples

    and describe what happened. What is your reaction to each example? How could the
    managers in each have made better decisions? 

Week 6: Planning and Strategic Management

  1. Identify and describe the steps in the five-stage planning process. Use examples to
    illustrate your answer.

  2. Describe the difference between ‘strategic plans’ and ‘tactical plans’.

  3. Using examples to illustrate your answer, describe the types of plans used by managers.

  4. What is a SWOT analysis? Discuss the types of issues and questions that should be dealt

    with when conducting a SWOT analysis. 

Week 8: Ethical Behaviour and Social Responsibility

  1. What is meant by the term ‘corporate social responsibility’? In your opinion, should
    businesses be socially responsible? Support your answer with examples.

  2. Identify the alternative views of ethical behaviour and briefly describe the main emphasis
    of each view.

  3. What is an ethical dilemma? Describe some of the causes of ethical dilemmas in the
    management context.

  4. Discuss the ways in which ethical standards may be established and maintained in

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