the great gatsby essay please have great knowledge of this novel

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After finishing reading the novel The Great Gatsby, I need you to write a 5 paragraph essay arguing the symbols within the novel and how they contribute to the overall theme of the essay.

The prompt is as follows:

A symbol in a novel is a concrete object that represents an idea or a set of ideas. Choose three major symbols in the book. Explain what those symbols mean and how they function together to support a central theme. (Hint: obviously in order to respond to this prompt, you will have to identify what theme is being supported.)

Your three body paragraphs should be about three different symbols. You should include two ‘chunks’ (CD and CM) within each body paragraph. Remember to always bring it back to what the author is trying to stay with the symbol and how it relates to the central theme of the novel.

You are arguing for the overall theme of the essay and supporting this argument with textual evidence about the symbols within the novel.

Each body paragraph will be about a different symbol and how that symbol supports that specific theme you are arguing for.

This essay is worth a lot of points. Be sure to use proper MLA format, use in text citations and include a works cited page.

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