The Activity: Online Discussion 4 (Journalism Activity):

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Online Discussion 4 (Journalism Activity):

We are going to continue to take a journalistic approach for this week’s Online Discussion (#4). For Chapter 5, assume the role of a journalist of the time covering national (and global) events throughout the United States and elsewhere. You could focus on a major event, theme, or historical figure(s), or multiple. However, to avoid being vague, you will be graded on the amount of details and the quality of the writing. Please be sure to incorporate at least 3-5 key terms from this revolutionary chapter in your online discussion/Journal entry. Questions to keep in mind as you write from a journalistic perspective: Who are you and what paper would you write for? Male or female? Please respond to two other Online Discussion Posts. Maybe you could write to the editor. This Online Discussion may be quite different than the last, based on the content of the chapter. You may assume a different perspective. This Online Discussions allows you to get creative, while at the same time continuing to use the same approach for previous online discussions. Continue to cite throughout your reporting.

Online Discussion Question to answer (you do not have to answer all of them):

  1. a) The power of the stamp: Cover the roots and significance of the Stamp Act crises.
  2. b) What major events sharpened the division between Great Britain and the colonists in the 1760’s 1780’s? Discuss the significance of the outcome? How profound was it, or not.

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