The ABC Model of Crisis Intervention is broken down into three stages, assignment help

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The first stage is developing and maintaining rapport. After reading this section in the text on pp. 50-58, explain what skills you will need in this area, what is the reason that a crisis-intervention worker needs these personal skills, and how do these skills help the client?

The ABC Model addressed two other stages. The second stage is identifying the problem (pp. 59-68). What is the importance of this stage for the counselor and the client?

Using the Cognitive Tree, in Figure 3.2 on p. 61, in your own words, how will you identify the precipitating event, recognize the meaning or perception of the event from the client’s perspective, and identify the distress and other impairments in such a way that it will help you to know what the best therapeutic interactions are to help the client cope with new behaviors?

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