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Deliverable length 1200 words

3 scholarly references

As teams progress, they pass through stages of development. You
understand that being prepared with tools and techniques at each stage is
important. There is a team forming that will take on a production line. You
want to be ready to provide training and development resources for this team as
soon as they start working together.

You research various team-development models and pick one model
that you will use to determine team-building activities before the team
members start working together. Develop a plan that addresses the

  • What will you do to
    prepare the team for working together before they start?
  • Discuss the training and
    development activities that you will use to build trust and productivity
    in the group once they start working together.
  • How will you measure
    whether trust exists within the team?
  • How will you measure the
    effectiveness of this new team in each of the early stages of 3, 6, and 9
    months of them working together?

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