sustainable ssocial work questions.

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Q1.Describe a Sustainable social work practice model. Your answer sould include- ( 350-750 words)

-The world view and values related to natural environment that inform your practice.

-How social ecology or ecofeminismordeep ecology oe eco spirtuality or indigenous ways of knowing or social developmant theory guides your social work with individuals, families, communities( both local and international)

– The specific social work skills you need to enact your sustainable model of practice.

Q 2.Define the 5 terms out of tweleve listed below-

-Environmental pragmatism

-Place attachment




-Ecological identity

Homo ecnomicus

-Traditional Knowledge

-Relationship Capital

-The Commons


-Eco social perspective

Q 3.-Answer the questions below in 150- 200 words each

-Name five core pribcipals of eco-spirtuality according to Grey and Coats(2013). and describe hoe these enable your personalor collective or international action( conccrete activity) to sustainability?

-What does the term ” self determination” mean and how it is implemented in sustainable social work practice?

-How does environmental sustainability impact the way social work is practiced?

Note – APA Referencing and proper citation

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