Supply Chain Management Materials Report

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Paper Overview

For this paper assignment, you will produce and submit an 8 – 10 page paper on the Theory of Constraints and Supply Chain Management and include a detailed summary of the novel, The Goal.



In preparation of this assignment, read the following resources and use them as references for your paper.

Goldratt, E. M. & Cox, J. (2012). The goal: A process of ongoing improvement. (3rd ed.). Great Barrington, MA: North River Press.

Rahman, S. (1998). Theory of constraints: A review of the philosophy and its applications. International Journal of Operations & Production Management, 18(4), 336-355.

Perez, J. L. (1997). TOC for world class global supply chain management. Computers and Industrial Engineering, 33(1-2), 289-293.

Paper Requirements

Using Word®, produce your paper in current APA format (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. for submission in Module 4. Your paper is to provide an adequate summary of the novel, The Goal, and specifically address the following requirements:


  1. Describe your understanding of the three measurements (operational expense, throughput, and inventory) that Jonah defined to Alex and explain how Jonah related these three measurements in the “Goal”.
  2. Describe your understanding of DBR and provide examples.
  3. The team identified the bottlenecks in their facility. Explain how they achieved this.
  4. Explain your understanding of the steps in the process of on-going improvement and describe how the team defined the process of on-going improvement in the “Goal”.
  5. Explain how TOC focuses on entire system management instead of subsystems isolation and how it applies to supply chain management.
  6. Identify and describe a project in your current or past organization where TOC principles can be applied (1-2 pages).

Grading Criteria

Your paper will be evaluated based on the following criteria in conjunction with the evaluation rubric:

  • How well the summary is written, specifically addressing the 6 requirements above.
  • Quality and depth of content by demonstrating the understanding of the topic including its need, benefits, implementation challenges, real world examples, and best practices.
  • Organization of the report.
  • Overall format, i.e., typed, use of page numbers, title page, abstract, table of contents, introduction, body, conclusion, appropriate labels on figures, tables, etc.
  • Use of correct grammar and evidence of proof-reading (i.e., absence of spelling errors); overall formatting (i.e., Times New roman font, 12-pt, double-spaced); and meeting total page requirements.
  • Variety and documentation of references used. Format for citations and references must follow current APA format. (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Review the evaluation rubric linked in the submission assignment, for detailed grading criteria.

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