substance abuse project

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Attached you will find a PowerPoint draft with work that is already done. Please answer this question based on the goals and objectives.

(3 slides minimum and 1 image). How to prevent substance abuse. *

Please add additional information in the note section of the PowerPoint including the reference used. Plus the cite the image.

Your group is required to use at least 5 scholarly references. The references are to be no older than 5 years. Of your 5 references, no more than 2 may be Internet web pages (again, remember that they must be scholarly sources). Make sure that you choose reputable, reliable Internet sources. Include in your presentation: · A title slide (include title, members, date) · Goals and Objectives of the presentation · Introduction · Body of the presentation ·

A minimum of 3 appropriate graphics or images, with citations · Summary slide(s) · References slide(s) · Name of student who composed each slide (place either on the slide or in the Notes area. · Bulleted points on slides; Use the Notes section for greater detail (required) Use APA format for all citations and references throughout the presentation (in-text citations, graphics/images, reference slides). Proofread and review your presentation carefully – excellent grammar, spelling, citing and referencing are expected.

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