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Submit your answers in the same Word document with your answers saved. Name the file as follows: “Surname_Name”.

You must include references in APA format, three years or less.

Read and answer only the document attached in word

ENG 1102 – Test: Reading comprehension of “Distillation”.

Name:____Jesus Villafuerte____________________________ Date:_________________

Assignment Instructions for “Distillation” (pages 132 to 140).

1) Read the following:

a. “Before You Read” on page 132

b. “Distillation” by Hugo Martinez Serros (pages 133 to 140).

2) As you read “Distillation” answer the questions listed below.

3) Answer “Making Meanings” 1 to 8 on page 143.

4) Answer “Reading Check” “a” to “e” on page 143

5) Complete page 145 “Grammar Link”

a. Read “Verbs make it Vivid” (pg. 145)

b. Complete “Try It out” (pg. 145)

c. Complete “Which Word?” (pg. 145)

Terms to know before you read:

Metaphor: is a comparison of two things essentially different but with some commonalities; does not use “like” or “as,” e.g. “Her smile was ice.”

Allusion: a reference to a well-known person, place, event, literary work, or work of art to enrich the reading experience by adding meaning.

Dynamic characters are those who undergo change as a result of the story’s action.

Static characters do not change they remain the same throughout the story.

As you read “Distillation” answer the following questions:

1) There is a metaphor on page 134 (hint: near the top of the second column “…crossing that would reach…all that it enveloped.”) Write the metaphor below. _____________________________________________________________________________2) Making inferences: Why is there an absence of garbage in the neighborhood on page 135? _____________________________________________________________________________3) Making inferences: Why are the boys still and silent on page 136? _____________________________________________________________________________4) Dynamic Characters – on page 136: How does the word glows suggest that the narrator has grown or changed since the time of these events? “Years have changed this are in many ways, but that landscape, like a photo negative glows in memory’s light.” __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________5) Imagery – on page 138: What creature does the father resemble here? “With a powerful jerk he pulled it up his back and over his head, held out his arms like wings, and we instinctively darted under.” _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 6) Symbolism – on page 140: The wounds that the father sustains in protecting his children reinforce what type of symbolism? Can you think what allusion this could reference? __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 7) Dynamic and static characters: Is the character of the narrator dynamic or static? Explain your reasoning. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________8) Use each “Words to Own” located at the bottom of each page in a sentence. ___________________________________________________________________

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