Strayer University Promotion and Pricing Strategies Discussion

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  • Having a poker face can be a blessing or a curse as a project manager (PM). Explain how well (or poorly) you can show your poker face as a PM for a project that is not going as well as it should. Assume the project is your project from Week 2. Justify your response.
  • After posting your response, respond to at least one of your classmates’ suggestions.

Please respond to student’s comment below:

Hello Dr. Reddy and classmates,

A poker face can be referred to as an expressionless face. It means that the project manager does not reveal his/her thoughts or feelings. This can be harmful or even beneficial depending on the state of the project. In the context of a project manager, always keeping a poker face could convey the wrong message to the project team. However, in cases where the project is not going well as it should, having a poker face can help to keep calm under pressure. An appropriate amount of poker face can be beneficial, allowing the project manager to think of a suitable response instead of frowning and putting pressure on the team.

I think it is important to balance poker’s face as a Project Manager for a project that is not going as well as it could have been. The project team should be able to understand the project manager`s thoughts and position on the project to be able to respond. If the project manager is always in a happy mood when in fact the project is not going well, the team may not understand the importance of the work that needs to be completed. On the other hand, if the project manager is always in a state of frustration, the team may be put under unnecessary pressure.

The goal should be balancing the emotions and reflecting the true state of the project progress while keeping the team motivated and encouraged and giving honest feedback, so the team knows what needs to be done and improved. The ability to appear in control is a valuable leadership skill under the pressure during a project (Mandy, 1).


1. Mandy Gilbert. No Date. Why Good Leaders Don`t Show Emotion.

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