Sports media and society essay 10 pages

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Please choose an original topic on sports that is recent, topic in the prompt below is ok too.

For your final paper, you need to pick a topic dealing with the intersection of sports media and society and write a 10-page paper with at least 10 references from sources other than Wikipedia. This should be an in-depth look at this particular topic that requires you to do the proper background work on researching it, as well as providing your own analysis.

You are allowed to pick a topic or person from our class lectures or readings as the focus of your paper. Topics should be specific — for instance, “Colin Kaepernick’s anthem protest” or “Gregg Popovich speaks out about Trump” is a good topic, but “Athletes using Twitter” or “College athletes should be paid” is too broad. If you choose to focus on a person, then you need to provide biographical information on who that person is and where they came from, as well as talking about what they are known for and why.

You can also pick a topic that we didn’t cover in class.

If you have questions about whether a topic is appropriate for this assignment, please email me.

You’ll be graded on the following:

Pages: The paper needs to be 10 pages, double-spaced, NOT including your sources page. You need to write in Times New Roman 12 point font, with normal margins. Also, your 10thpage needs to be at least 2/3rds full.

Sources: You need to cite at least 10 sources, using APA style ( (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. <>)

Structure: You should set your paper up in the following sections:
– Background – Give an overview and history of the people or organizations involved.
– Content of Events – What are the core events that happened which you are writing about? What happened in those events? How were they covered by the media?
– Analysis – What made the event(s) important? What impact did it have on sport and / or society? Do you feel that the media coverage of the event (or person) was fair? Why?

Originality and Relevance of topic (10 points)
Background (25 points)
Content of Events (25 points)
Analysis (20 points)
Writing Mechanics (15 points)
Sources (5 points)

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