Sports Facilities

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Which system do you think is the most important for a sport facility – and why? ( Must be 300 Words)

Please answer the following four questions: EACH QUESTION MUST BE ANSWERED IN GREAT DETAIL!!!!!

1. How would you manage a facility and handle a crisis if one of the major systems was not working during an event?

2. Where can money be saved in construction of a facility?

3. What steps can be taken to make sure a gym and/or grandstands are in the best condition before an event?

4. Please review the University center Data Sheet and Facility Spotlight and research the facility on-line.

a.What is your impression of the University Center?

b. How do you see this facility benefiting the University?

c.Did your undergraduate school have a quality athletic and fitness/recreation facility? – Explain

Please cite all references using proper APA style guidelines

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