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Speeding up Website

 You have been hired by a web-site design,
production, and hosting company whose new animated website designs are attracting
a lot of attention and a lot of customers. Currently, employees are organized
into different functions such as hardware, software design, graphic art, and
web-site hosting, as well as functions such as marketing and human resources.
Each function takes its turn to work on a new project from initial customer
request to final online website hosting. The problem the company is
experiencing is that it typically takes one year from the initial idea stage to
the time that the website is up and running; the company wants to shorten this
time by half to protect and expand its market niche. In talking to other managers,
you discover that they believe the company’s current functional structure is
the source of the problem—it is not allowing employees to develop websites fast
enough to satisfy customers’ demands. They want you to design a better


1. Discuss
ways in which you can improve how the current functional structure operates so
that it speeds website development.

2. Discuss
the pros and cons of moving to a (a) multidivisional, (b) matrix, or (c)
product team structure to reduce website development time.

3. Which of
these structures do you think is most appropriate, and why?

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