Southern New Hampshire University The Role of Governance Discussion

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One aspect of governance in system management and organizational decision making involves creating acceptable use policies (AUPs). If companies do not currently have an acceptable use policy, they should create one; according to Mark Benton (2016), “These policies typically discuss such matters as Internet usage (including social media, music streaming and free downloads), email communication and phone utilization at work.” An acceptable use policy informs employees of company guidelines for using technology in the workplace. As technology continues to advance, the importance of establishing AUPs is becoming more prominent. To gain insight as to how these policies govern users and systems, read this New Hampshire Business Review article from the Shapiro Library.

Not only do companies have AUPs, but universities also have these policies. You may or may not be aware of this, but SNHU has an acceptable use policy, available in the Online Academic Catalog.

In your initial discussion post, answer the following questions:

  • How do acceptable use policies govern IT systems in various industries?
  • What are important components to include in AUPs?
  • What additional aspects of governance should organizations consider?

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