Southern New Hampshire Harvest City The Intelligent Procurement System Project

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  • Analyze constraints and opportunities of an organization that impact systems decisions
  • Analyze a current system to identify solutions to computing problem


You are working for the IT department of Garnet Gardens Hotels, a small hotel chain in the midwest region of the United States. Because of a recent boom in business coming to the area, hotel management is looking to become a competitive player in the region’s hospitality industry. Stakeholders are hoping to target a professional clientele in an effort to increase revenue. However, actualization of such a plan would mean careful thought and consideration of guest amenities.

Your manager has approached you about a system upgrade that would focus on meeting the needs of this increased traffic. The hotel’s targeted guest audience is business travelers who need high-speed access, technological support, and flexible on-demand services, as well as a comfortable place to stay.

The chief information officer (CIO) of the company has asked your department to analyze the case study for the intelligent procurement system project of Harvest City, linked in the Supporting Materials section, as a comparative means to ensure due diligence for the stakeholders of this project. Your analysis report will serve to benchmark and identify known unknowns that could potentially impact project success. Stakeholders want to avoid the mistakes of the Harvest City convention complex. Your analysis report will provide useful information to stakeholders in regard to procuring a new system.


You have been asked to analyze the case study, “Harvest City: The Intelligent Procurement System Project,” and create an analysis report to present to the stakeholders. Using these directions, and based on the results of your analysis, you will prepare a concise summary and recommendations.

Here are some points to consider as you analyze the case study:

  • Factors (constraints and opportunities) that impacted the overall system development in the case study. Consider:
    • Strategy
    • Communication
    • Planning
    • Governance
  • Stakeholder needs that impacted the initial design of the system. Consider:
    • Scalability
    • Cost
    • Time
  • Potential risks of the project
  • Formal decision making process concerning the organizational parameters of the project design
  • Tracking and documentation. Consider:
    • Procedures
    • Changes
    • Issues

Summary and Recommendations

Using the information gathered through your analysis of the case study, you will create an analysis report for your stakeholders. Within the summary section of the report, you must clearly summarize the factors listed below in relation to the case study. Within the recommendations section of the report, you must make recommendations and provide evidence to support them, using APA citations.


  • Explain how constraints and opportunities impacted system implementation.
  • Describe the decision making processes used by stakeholders in the case study and how those decisions impacted system design, implementation, and governance.
  • Explain how the needs of the stakeholders influenced the design and implementation of the system in terms of scalability, cost, and time.
  • Describe issues and events that occurred in the case study due to the lack of effective documentation and tracking.


  • Describe the organizational strategy you would propose and how it would be used to avoid the negative results of the Harvest City project.
  • Recommend the decision making process you would use to facilitate effective system implementation. (Graphical representations are often useful supplements to text in describing decision processes.)
  • Recommend the measures you would take to meet the needs of the stakeholders, while still considering the scalability, cost, and time requirements.
  • Explain the importance of documenting and tracking procedures, changes, and issues that arise during system implementation and how recording this information can reduce the impact of known risks.

What to Submit

To complete this project, you must submit the following:

Analysis Report

You will create a 4- to 5-page analysis report about the intelligent procurement system project of Harvest City, including a summary and recommendations to present to the stakeholders. It is beneficial to get into the practice of creating reports that are high quality, organized, and ready to present to project stakeholders so, while not required, you may want to copy and paste the content below and use it as a table of contents for your analysis report.

Analysis Report

  1. Summary
    1.1 Constraints and Opportunities
    1.2 Decision Making Processes
    1. 3 Scalability, Cost, and Time
    1. 4 Documentation and Tracking
  2. Recommendations
    2.1 Proposed Organizational Strategy
    2.2 Recommendations for Decision Making Process
    2.3 Recommendations for Scalability, Cost, and Time
    2.4 Importance of Documenting and Tracking Procedures

Supporting Materials

The following resource(s) may help support your work on the project:

Case study: Harvest City: The Intelligent Procurement System Projec

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