sociology short answers

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Chapt. 1 – 

1) List, define and provide examples for each of the (3) major theoretical approaches. 

2) How might you apply each of the (3) approaches to social patterns in college?

1. Discuss the differences between ethnocentrism and cultural relativism.        

2. Give an example of ethnocentrism.

3. Give an example of cultural relativism.

4. Identify a problem with ethnocentrism.

5. Identify a problem with cultural relativism.

1. Discuss the differences Carol Gilligan found in how males and females make moral judgments.

2. Provide an example of male judgment style.

3. Provide an example of female judgment style.

4. Describe the process of resocialization that occurs in total institutions.

5. Do you agree with resocialization in the form of total institutions? Defend your position.

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