Sociology Research Paper on CAM, sociology homework help

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Sociology Research Paper on CAM (Complementary and Alternative Medicine) reference list below that you can go off of.  I was working on it through out the quarter and the last thing my instructor emailed me was that I am still not getting it and that I am not looking at it through a sociological point of this is what you all need! And I need an outline as well!  I have until tomorrow night at midnight but I can push off until Monday afternoon. If you find any other information please add!!!! Please HELP ME!!!

  • A thesis statement clearly stated, which outlines what the paper is about.
  • Information which supports the thesis statement.
  • Your information presented clearly and sequentially.
  • A conclusion which is an accurate portrayal of the information.
  • Sources cited in correct APA format. 4-5 pages
  • Include at least one sociological theory to support your research.

References below for the paper.

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for a critical sociology of CAM and nursing?Journal
of Health Organization and Management,18
(4), 226-39. Retrieved from

Gill Taylor, A. (2011).
Complementary and alternative practices and products. In J. Fitzpatrick,Encyclopedia of nursing
. New York, NY: Springer Publishing Company.
Retrieved from

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