Social Psychology Week 6 and 7 Forum

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Week 6 Forum

Love and liking are two similar, yet different, types of phenomena that we as humans deal with. As you consider these two psychological constructs, can you separate them? Or are they indelibly linked together? Explain the rationale behind your thoughts on this topic.

Week 7 Forum

Based upon your readings this week and upon your own observations, do you believe that there is any positive value to aggression (this can include both reactive and instrumental aggression, as well as relationship-based aggression, such as online bullying)? If you were “king/queen of the world,” would you eliminate all forms of aggression? Why or why not? Can any valuable life lessons be learned through being the victim of aggression, or is all aggression inherently harmful to both aggressor and victim?

Reading for Week 6 forum is Chapter 8. For Week 7 Forum reading is chapter 9 and 10. 300 word minimum length for EACH forum response.

Chapter 8, 9, and 10 are attached below.

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