Simple C Programming Project

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In this assignment, you need to write a program to the following specifications:

  • In the current directory there are several files
  • Some of the files in the current directory are text files containing lines of text, each
    line ending with the line-feed character. The names of these files end with the
    extension .txt.
  • Write a C program that:

    • Uses standard I/O functions from the C library
    • Is called with three command-line arguments: a ‘find’ parameter, a ‘replace’
      parameter, and a ‘prefix’ parameter
    • For each .txt file in the current directory, does the following:

      • Searches the file for any occurrences of the ‘find’ parameter, and
        replaces them with the ‘replace’ parameter
      • If there were no occurrences of the ‘find’ parameter, the program
        searches for the ‘prefix’ parameter
      • For any occurrences of the ‘prefix’ parameter, the program prepends
        the ‘find’ parameter to the left of the occurrence
      • If there are no occurrences of the ‘prefix’ parameter, the program
        should do nothing to the file.
    • Prints a log of its activities to stdout. The log should include the name of
      each text file and the type of operation done on each line.
  • Be particularly careful about replacing strings of different lengths; make sure to
    allocate additional memory if needed!
    70 Points: Program correctness
    30 Points: Program documentation and code style (10), readme (10), makefile (10).

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