Should there be child sex education?

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There must have 5 resource (cite). 5 resource from 5 different places (books, news, web…)

Project Description

Construct an argument about a topic dealing with childhood using research to support your argument. In making your argument, choose one of the following options:

  • Engage and enter a current conversation surrounding childhood (helicopter parents, media influence, youth sports, testing, etc.). Then, using this research, contextualize an exhibit source (object of study) — or more than one if the sources are small, i.e., opinion pieces. This option would look much like your last project: find an exhibit source/object of study that complicates the conversation people are already having about a given topic and theorize how your source/object adds to that conversation.
  • Theorize an aspect of childhood by engaging and entering a current conversation about it. After doing research to contextualize yourself in the current conversation, synthesize your research into a new idea, using their ideas to make your own argument. Be careful here: you should not make value judgments; base your argument on the research, not how you feel about it.

In order to make either of these arguments, you must find and use research about your subject matter, ultimately using at least 5 outside sources, three of which must be scholarly.

The reflection note due with the rough draft should walk the reader through your research and writing process. The revision note due with the final draft should walk the reader through your thought process as you revised your work.


Successful projects will respond energetically and creatively to the readings and the assignment; engage meaningfully with texts in a sustained manner; form a cohesive final project; contribute new ideas or formulations that successfully enter into conversation with others’ work; demonstrate rhetorical awareness, including knowledge of and facility with genre conventions; and correctly handle citations. Specifically for this assignment, successful projects will synthesize a conversation and utilize research to support their argument.

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