should sex offenders have to register when released from prison?

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must be in APA format

must have APA in text citations and a reference page

must include the following components(in APA format) Note: the project is a paper and should look like a paper not an outline.

* cover page


* introduction (which includes the following areas ** remember not in outline form)

* motivation for research(this is a paragraph)

* research question/ overview (this is a paragraph)

* thesis statement (this is a paragraph)

* literature review

* analysis approach or methods section

*Results section

* discussion section (or you may do a combined results/discussion section)

* conclusion and future recommendations( which includes the following areas** remember not in outline form)

* summary( this is a paragraph)

* major findings( this is a paragraph)

* important implications( this is a paragraph)

* future work needed( this is a paragraph)

* reference page

* appendix (this is its own page)

*research proposal(this is its own page)

* annotated bibliography(this is its own page)

* outline( this is its own page)

* interview questions/ results ( this is its own page)

*survey questions/ results ( this is its own page)

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