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Write a two-page essays (12 pt type, TimesNew Roman, double-spaced, one-inch margins) on a WHY question based on the reading assignments you choose.

Your papers should elaborate on arguments presented in readings/lectures by addressing the following questions: What is your WHY question, what is its significance and argument, and how persuasive is your explanation? What evidence do you provide for your argument/explanation and how effectively do you utilize your sources?

Make sure that your have a thesis in the paper, and have a Clear Why Question.

Reading list to choose(At least two sources are required):

1. The empire of cotton, by beckert Chapter 6-14

2. Panorama, chapter 20-24

3. article“The Scramble for Africa” and “The long range effects of the scramble”……

4. Peter Stearns, “Russia and Japan,”…

5. Thomas Bender, “The American Way of Empire”…

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