Short Fiction – Section 7

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Hello and welcome to Section 7: Comics as Literature

In this section you will be required to complete the following tasks:

1. Carefully read the stories and assignments outlined in The Readings folder.

The Readings

  • Re-read Nora Krug’s biography and story, “Kamikaze”, p. 533
  • Marjane Satrapi’s biography and story, “Persepolis: The Veil,” pg. 788
  • Art Spiegelman’s biography and story, “Prisoner on the Hell Planet: A Case History,” pg. 816

Please also read the Author Highlight on Art Spiegelman…

2. Complete the writing assignment outlined in the Section 7 Discussion Board.

In this section, we are looking at storytellers who use not only words but images to construct and tell their tales. When viewing these stories on the page, they look drastically different than the more traditional written works we have encountered this semester, but as we analyze them, we find that they follow many of the same rules as traditional stories and use the same elements of plot, character development, theme, symbolism… etc.

For this discussion board assignment, I would like you to select one of the comics from this readings in this section and compare and contrast it to one of the more traditional stories we have read this semester. What comparisons can be drawn between the character and plot development in the two stories? Are there any similar themes? Is there any comparable symbolism? Even though one author is relying on words and another on drawing, is there any similar imagery in the pieces? How does the use of physical images change the way you experience the story compared to the written work? Do you enjoy having the images provided for you or do you like allowing your mind to create your own from the words on the page?

In completing this assignment, hopefully we can come to see that while the comics may look strikingly different on the page, as stories they contain many of the same elements.

Remember to submit your assignment to the Pre Post Drop box to be checked for plagiarism prior to turning it in to the Discussion Board.

After completing this discussion board assignment, you will have 1 day after the due date to come back and respond to two of your peers.

3. You will have 1 day after the due date of the discussion board assignments to respond to at least two of your peers’ original posts. Please be thoughtful and thorough in your responses as you will be graded on these assignments.

No quizzes this section 🙂

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