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For each of the following four cases, select the type of NoSQL database management system that would fit best the needs of each unique situation described below. Be sure to also include an applicable diagram and sample script for each situation.

  1. The database has to support a relatively complex hierarchical internal record structure that may vary for each record.
  2. The key requirement for the database is to access a specific record as quickly as possible without any concern regarding the internal structure of the record.
  3. The data are particularly well suited to be organized as a network of associations between the data items.
  4. It is important that the DBMS provides quick access to each of the records by a key value, but, in addition, it has to also allow easy access to the components of each record.

In order to successfully complete this activity, you’ll need to do some outside research on NoSQL. Pages 322-323 in the textbook discuss NoSQL from a high level. Start there then find outside sources to use to complete this activity. Additionally, I’ve included some text from another book I’ve used in the past for this topic, attached here, for your assistance in completing the activity.

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