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In narrative form (1,000-1,500 words) present the first two group sessions.

Assume that one participant states that he/she “is uncomfortable
being with groups and really does not want to be here.” How would you as
the group leader address this?

Over the next three to four sessions, challenging issues arise.
Choose three issues from the following list that are realistic to your
group type and describe how you would handle these situations.

  1.   Sexual abuse
  2.   Homosexuality
  3.   Abortion
  4.   Use of illegal drugs
  5.   Drinking and driving

Develop a plan for how you will start the transition of ending your group.

Assume that one participant must be referred to ongoing services.
Describe how you, as the counselor, will handle this referral for
continued services. Will you continue with individual services, refer to
another therapist, or refer to another group?


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